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Mechanics is defined as the science which describes the conditions of rest or motion of bodies under action of forces.

Engineering Mechanics refer to a subject which deals with the application of principles of mechanics for the solutions of engineering problems. It is useful and essentially required in the analysis of forces acting on machine parts, heart engine parts, roof and bridge truss, heat engine and population of aircraft etc.,

Engineering Mechanics can be classified as follows:

Classification of engineering mechanics:
The engineering mechanics is mainly classified into two branches. They are
1. Statics                   2. Dynamics
1. Statics: Statics deals with the forces on a body at rest.
2. Dynamics: Dynamics deals with the forces acting on a body when the body is in motion.
Dynamics further subdivided in to two sub branches. They are:
            (a) Kinematics:   This deals the motion of a body without considering the forces causing the motion.
(b) Kinetics: This deals with the relationship between the forces acting on the body and resulting motion.

 1)For designing and construing to dams, roads, sheds, structure, building etc.
2)For designing and controlling of fluid flow.
3)For calculation and estimation of forces of bodies while they are in use.
4)For designing and manufacturing of various mechanical tools and equipment. 
5)For containing and co-ordinating the various part of mechanics.
6)For designing a fabrication of rockets. 

Article by
Asst.Professor , Mechanical Department
Laqshya Institute of Technology and Sciences (LITS) , Khammam

Laqshya Institute of Technology and Sciences

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