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The Role of Computer Forensics in Cyber Crime (CSE Department @ LAQSHYA College)

The Role of Computer Forensics in Cyber Crime

The world has been transforming into cyber from the last two decades. Cyber is a form of electronic communication networks and virtual reality. As our lives become more wireless and everything takes an online form, computer and networks are becoming the most powerful interfaces. This transformation has raised many new disciplines like cyber forensics, computer forensics, network forensics, cellular forensics and many more.
What is Cyber Crime?
Cyber crime refers to any crime that is committed using computers or the internet. Cyber crime includes hacking, cracking, copyright infringement, pornography, spam mails, phishing, internet fraud, identity theft, introducing viruses, malwares etc.
What is Forensics?
Forensics is a scientific technique to process the evidence that is admissible in the court. The word forensic means “to bring the court”.
What is Cyber Forensics?
Cyber forensics is the identification, collection, preservation and analysis of evidence extracted from various elements of computer media, other computer peripherals, and computer networks. Cyber forensics is a composition of computer forensics and network forensics.
Cyber Forensic is of two types
1) Computer Forensics
2) Network Forensics 
Computer forensics & its role in cyber crime:
Computer forensics focuses on gathering digital evidence from computer or any other digital media after a crime has occurred. Computer forensics carries on a methodological investment to find out the incidents occurring with the digital media & responsible parties for those actions.
In a cyber crime, the computer could be used to either commit the crime or it could have been the target of the crime(victim). The main goal of computer forensics is to gather evidence in cyber crimes. Many computer forensic tools are available to discover, analyze & preserve the digital evidence.  

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